Community Yoga & Virtual Workshop Studio

Heart Source offers a heart-centered holistic approach to healthy and fulfilling lives.

Pain-Free Yoga

This system of yoga (pain-free Yoga) is unlike anything you might have experienced before. It is not just a synthesis of many different styles of yoga. It is an art form that is unique for each individual. There is an emphasis on awareness of oneself through the language of yoga.  Painfree Yoga incorporates practices from Hatha Yoga: Classical yoga poses, Energy systems: Reflexology, Qi Gong, Do In, and Acupressure and Therapeutic systems: Oki Yoga

man praticing tai chi chuan at sunset on the beach. Chinese management skill Qi's energy. solo outdoor activities. Social Distancing

Chi Kung

Chi Kung "Life Energy Cultivation" is a series of simple and elegant movements that helps limber joints open up circulation (wonderful for inflammatory conditions), and clear emotions while leaving one moved and inspired in a gentle way. Chi Kung develops peace of mind + cultivates spirit and resilience. There are many styles of Chi Kung... This class is tailored to fit the needs of the students.

Heart Source Offers 4 Pillars of Healing

Our inclusive approach and gentle environment can accommodate everyone who wishes to participate.

Personal Instruction

Woman stretching over a mat during her morning yoga practice online in front of a laptop. Yoga at home, top view.


Concept of yoga and meditation. Close-up, hands of a man in white clothes, folded in prayer. White background and yellow-mini rubber mat. Copy space top view.


Woman hand yoga pose. Practicing meditation and praying indoors.