Tahil is adept at integrating healing modalities for Stress and Pain relief Management in a simple, practical way.

Tahil is adept at integrating healing modalities for Stress and Pain Relief Management in a simple, practical way.

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I have spent my life as a lifelong student in the healing arts in a vast variety of styles and points of view with one objective to help empower people in pain and overwhelm.

I listen as deeply as I can muster and work as what I call a guide on the side. I believe each individual I work with Knows themselves best. My job is to share a language of healing arts that best fits your unique situation of pain and overwhelm. Working together I have seen healing happen naturally. Everything from back aches to head aches disappear.

My favorite phrase to share with my clients when that happens is “You did that!”

I love that feeling. It enriches both of us. I have found over the years that many people in pain lose trust in themselves and eventually it leads to chronic pain and more dire overwhelm. My stance in my work is to have you reestablish trust that if pain and overwhelm happens you know just what to do. Even deeper how to develop preventive care.

There is truth in the phrase an “ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Recently I have been finishing a long weave (around 10 years) around understanding and releasing trauma. As for most of my efforts, it is holistically based. Which means I work with body, emotions, mind, and spirit.

With the BODY

I have been influenced by Oki yoga, TRE (trauma release exercises), tai-chi and improv.


I have been influenced by Taoist exercises, by numerous books and articles but the one that stands out is the Art of Empathy by Karla McLaren.

In the arena of the MIND

I am deeply moved and influenced by Numerous studies in Neurology in particular what generates neurological regulation. NLP (neurolinguistic programming), social psychology, and lifespan development.

For SPIRITUAL influences

Family Constellations work particularly with honoring morphic field and understanding the language of the soul.

Some of these methods might sound familiar, some not so much.

Most people I know would not spend 20 to 30 hours a week studying this. They just want relief from their pain or have a better rapport with themselves and their lover, or simply make connections that last with substance of care and nurture that their heart yearns for.

For me, it's geekery heaven.

Heart Source Offers 4 Pillars of Healing

Our inclusive approach and gentle environment can accommodate everyone who wishes to participate.

Personal Instruction

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